Basic massage treatments

Basic massage treatments:

Full body massage - 14 900 HUF / 60 min
The full body massage is made for you if you are longing for a complete body indulgence.During the therapy, your body is treated from your head to toe and as a result you become less stressed, your muscles will be more toned and your blood circulation speeds up.

Swedish massage - 13 900 HUF / 50 min
The classical swedish massage is a relaxing type of therapy that cures insomnia with the relaxation of muscles. During the treatment we cease painful knots.

Refreshing reflexology - 6 500 HUF / 25 min
Reflexology has got positive effects on your body through massaging certain areas on the sole of your foot. It strengthens your immune system and has got pain killer effects.

Face and cleavage massage - 7 600 HUF / 25 min
Stress relieving, relaxing, calming, vitalizing massage that stretches the skin on your face, delights it and your cleavage will have silky touch after the treatment.

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