For hunters

Our Batthyány Mansion awaits for the members of the hunter society!

The special services of the hotel as the 25 gun storages, the free closed car parking and being dog friendly – all helps for a pleasant stay while going for hunting providing the perfect place to relax worthily after a hard and tiring hunting.

In case there is a need we are happy to assist you by organizing the whole hunting (we discuss all details with the local hunting organization and we provide transfers etc.), regarding the hunting seasons of course. Zala County is famous of its deer and boar stocks.


Bármilyen rendezvény szervezésében, és helyszín biztosításában is állunk rendelkezésre, a teljes ellátástól a szállás biztosításán át. Tovább a rendezvényekhez →

Further information and booking requests: / +36 20 968 1183

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