Örvényeshegy Picnic
For the second time this year, in co-operation with the organizers of the Örvényeshegy Picnic , our hotel is one of the festival's key partner regarding accommodation.
18.900 HUF / person / night
Golf package (2 nights)
Be among the first to try the Zala Springs golf court! Let the beautiful nature and the passion for golf take you away!Accommodation can be booked: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayUse of golf course : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
28.750 HUF / person / night
Fabulous  summer  weekdays
Let us charm you with the magic of our hotel and the diversity of our services. Feel yourself in a fairy tale for a few days!
13.900 HUF / person / night
3=4 Vacation
With the beginning of the holidays, we give the math lesson:3=4 What is the solution?! Spend 4 nights at us and pay only for 3! Our hotel guarantees a vacation with full of experiences for 0-99.
15.900 HUF /person/ night
Batthyany Castle Hotel Zalacsany