Let us charm you with the magic of our hotel and the diversity of our services. Feel yourself in a fairy tale for a few days!
17.900 HUF / person / night
Royal weekend
Spend the long royal weekend with your family in the wellness Castle. Be part of wonderful adventures and participate in a variety of programs.
17.900 HUF / person / night
Awesome autumn wellness days
Spend some awesome autumn days in the castle with wellness experiences and a variety of programs!
14.900 HUF /person/ night
Spirity vacation at the Batthyány Castle Hotel
Spend a fun vacation with your family in the Castle! During the holiday, we explore the spirit of the Castle and have lots of magical experiences for the whole family! Try our many wellness services; and take part in the night bathing!
17.900 HUF / person / night
Batthyany Castle Hotel Zalacsany