The bubble side of wellness

The bubble side of wellness:

Beer bath - 8 900 HUF / 30 min

Beer bath - 16 900 HUF / 60 min
Beer bath is a unique treatment that improves blood pressure, cleans the pores, releases stress. The bath contains the following ingredients of beer: malt, hop, regenerative.
Malt is a natural vitamin B source, hop dissolves the vigorous taste of beer and has soothing effect. The pleasant, warm beer bath nurtures dry skin and hydrates it.

If you book our 30 minutes beer bath, we provide you a glass of beer and if you book our 60 minutes beer bath,we present you with a stoop of beer.

Beer massage - 8 900 HUF / 25 min

Beer massage - 16 900 HUF / 50 min
This special, oil and beer massage is not only very pleasant but also got positive effects on the skin and makes it feel silky. The bath releases stress and relaxes the mind.