Hotel Wellness Wellness Wellness services of our hotel

Wellness services of our hotel

Our Cleopatra salon gives indulging and sweet moments for our visitors.

Our guests can enjoy a bottle of champaigne while in the bathtub and have a relax in the salon afterwards.

Basic massage treatments:

Full body massage - 13 900 HUF / 60 min
The full body massage is made for you if you are longing for a complete body indulgence.During the therapy, your body is treated from your head to toe and as a result you become less stressed, your muscles will be more toned and your blood circulation speeds up.

Swedish massage - 12 900 HUF / 50 min
The classical swedish massage is a relaxing type of therapy that cures insomnia with the relaxation of muscles. During the treatment we cease painful knots.

Refreshing reflexology - 5 900 HUF / 25 min
Reflexology has got positive effects on your body through massaging certain areas on the sole of your foot. It strengthens your immune system and has got pain killer effects.

Face and cleavage massage - 6 900 HUF / 25 min
Stress relieving, relaxing, calming, vitalizing massage that stretches the skin on your face, delights it and your cleavage will have silky touch after the treatment.

Special massage

Lava Stone Massage - 12 900 HUF / 60 min
Basis of treatment is a special massage technique. Massage is done with warm, flat, smooth volcanic stones. The treatment has good beneficial effects lymphatic and blood circulation, detoxification and helps with energy flow and stress relief.

Lava Stone Massage - 14 900 HUF / 90 min
Basis of treatment is a special massage technique. Massage is done with warm, flat, smooth volcanic stones. The treatment has good beneficial effects lymphatic and blood circulation, detoxification and helps with energy flow and stress relief.

Sports massage - 6 900 HUF / 25 min
The base of this treatment is the swedish massage but it is a more intensive, deeper therapy. The treatment is offered to active or/and professional sportsmen.

Maternity massage - 6 500 HUF / 20 min
Especially for pregnant clients. Decreases the hormonal symptoms of pregrancy, soothes waist pain. Beneficient for both the mother-to-be and the baby. The treatment can only be done from the second trimester onwards.

Dry Brush Massage - 4 900 HUF / 15 min
The full body scrub made by a unique, medium hard coconut fibre brush. During the treatment we scrub off the dead skin, the blood circulation speeds up, the tone of the skin gets brighter, smoother.

Four seasons relaxing massage - 8 600 HUF / 25 min
We use different types of aromatherapy oils based on the current season which leads to complete relaxation.The therapy has excellent effects on the senses and the deep touches help the blood circulation, smoothes the muscles therefore releases the pain and tension.

Wellness massage 50 - 13 900 HUF / 50 min
The treatment starts with a dry brush massage then we use heated aromatherapy oils and a heated towel to release tension and clave the knots.

Manager massage - 6 900 HUF / 25 min
The massage refreshes your body,your mind and dercreases the pain of our waist and back.Excellent for office workers who sit all day long!

Chocolate cream massage - 13 900 HUF / 50 min
Chocolate is commonly known as an aphrodisiac which has got excellent antioxidant effects and slows the ageing down. Chocolate therapy is an endorphine producer that makes you feel in harmony both in your body and soul.

Metamorph massage - 6 900 HUF / 45 min
The metamorph massage is a unique unblocking technique which works on the reflex points of the spine. It is focused on the soft, smooth touches on the hand, foot and face.
During our lives- since our childhood- we are all surrounded by negative psychological effects that are stored in our subconscious.( trauma, shock, love deprivation etc.) We might have already forgotten about it but our mind remembers in the deep as every trauma, shock, pain is stored there. These psychological blocks stop the energy flow and certain areas become weaker.
The metamorph massage stimulates the spine with soft touches on the reflex points on the feet, hands and face and the flow of the energy pushes the blocks out.
We highly recommend the treatment to those who does not prefer the original types of massages.

Asian energy massages

The base of the treatment is to balance the body, the soul and the mind. The massage movements go through the meridian zones of your body, gives the energy back. Effects of the massages lead to your well-being and balanced state-of-mind.

Indian Chakra energizing massage - 14 900 HUF / 50 min
This treatment re-settles the flow of energy in your body. During the therapy we stimulate the 7 chakra zones by your spine with the acupressure massage. We use warm massage oils and aroma essence.

Shiatsu face and body massage - 14 900 HUF /pieces
The unique Japanese acupressure – pressure points – technique stimulates the lymph circulation.The therapy has got positive effects on the nerve system, calms both the body and mind.


Vitalizing facial - 9 800 HUF / 45 min
After the cleansing and exfoliation of the dead skin on your face ,we gently massage and put a beauty mask on it and on your cleavage.

Full pedicure - 8 600 HUF / 60 min

Full pedicure with reflexology - 12 900 HUF / 80 min

Parrafine foot treatment - 6 400 HUF / 40 min

Foot mask - 2 900 HUF / 20 min

Handmask - 2 900 HUF / 20 min

Full pedicure with foot mask - 9 900 HUF / 80 min

Armpit wax - 2 600 HUF /pieces

Arm wax - 3 500 HUF /pieces

Full leg wax - 6 900 HUF /pieces

Lower leg wax - 4 200 HUF /pieces

The bubble side of wellness

Beer bath - 7 900 HUF / 30 min

Beer bath - 14 900 HUF / 60 min
Beer bath is a unique treatment that improves blood pressure, cleans the pores, releases stress. The bath contains the following ingredients of beer: malt, hop, regenerative.
Malt is a natural vitamin B source, hop dissolves the vigorous taste of beer and has soothing effect. The pleasant, warm beer bath nurtures dry skin and hydrates it.

If you book our 30 minutes beer bath, we provide you a glass of beer and if you book our 60 minutes beer bath,we present you with a stoop of beer.

Beer massage - 7 900 HUF / 25 min

Beer massage - 14 900 HUF / 50 min
This special, oil and beer massage is not only very pleasant but also got positive effects on the skin and makes it feel silky. The bath releases stress and relaxes the mind.

Special treatments

Sauna rod treatment - 6 900 HUF / 30 min
The sauna rod treatment is the the dimension of the sauna culture. For this special treatment we use oak, birch, poplar branch which refreshes the body and the mind.

First we clean the body with oil and it is followed by a complete exfoliation, then comes the sauna rod treatment which causes congestion and rubefacient.

The treatment is usually followed by relaxation, cold fruits or some sweets to fulfil the whole scale of our senses.

The treatment itself is quite close to a massage as well. It is located in a lower temperature sauna and one or two persons can participate.

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