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Kápolnapuszta buffalo reserve: a centre for the presentation of buffalos, a native species in Hungary. This site plays an important role in the survival of this native Hungarian species and in the preservation of their genetic resources. The site offers to the visitors an interactive exhibition, telescopes, view points, resting areas, and an informational path presenting buffalos. The exhibition in the reception building showcases the fauna and flora of Kis-Balaton. In the stables, you can have a look at the one-time devices used by buffalo breeders, as well as contemporary photos. The buffaloes can be seen from spring to autumn, walking along a designated 1.5 km long path starting from the presentation area. There are altogether 200 buffaloes on the 30-acre area. In the winter, they can be seen in the stable. The reception building houses a shop for various publications and gifts, and refreshments can also be consumed here.

Kányavár Island: a 3 km long circular informational path, with the primary objective of presenting the rich bird life of Kis-Balaton. Its entrance is a peculiar wooden bridge, renovated in 2005.

Kis-Balaton house: located next to the road between Zalavár and Zalaszabar. In addition to presenting the wonders of nature, it is also aimed at illustrating historical and ethnographic implications, and it serves as a cultural centre as well. The chapel situated near the house, the Cyril and Methodius memorial column, as well as the archaeological explorations emphasize the values of the near and more distant past.

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