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Village Museum: Hungary’s first regional open-air ethnographic museum was established in the north-western part of Zalaegerszeg, next to a dead channel of the River Zala; it was opened in August 1968. Permanent exhibitions: Folk Architecture in Göcsej, Finno-Ugric National Park - Khanty and Mansi dwellings, folk costumes of the Carpathian Basin on dolls, exhibition of the potter family Czúgh.

Csács Arboretum: located at the border of the town on an area of 84 acres, presenting all tree species to be found in Hungary, except poplar, and also accommodating an experimental site for 30-35 domestic and exotic tree species.

Azalea Valley: once the home of acacias, the valley, which has a unique microclimate, was populated by this exotic species for experimental purposes, which resulted in an arboretum-like character, showing many features of mountainous regions. Azaleas flourish in the spring.

Aquacity: Adventure and Slide Park in Zalaegerszeg located in the picturesque Gébárt Leisure Centre, 2 km from Zalaegerszeg. This water amusement park offers unmatched experiences and great fun as one of the biggest aquaparks in Central Europe, and the only such facility in Transdanubia. The 7.5-acre area contains more than 6,000 m2 water surface. Wave pool, baby and children’s pool, 3 jacuzzis, jumping pool, bathing pool and a 300 m long slow river - this is what visitors can choose from. The real attractions of the facility are the 18 slides. 13 giant slides are available for adults (54-120 m). The giant slides start from a 12 m high launch tower. At this point, there is also a view tower with a beautiful view on the city.

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