Festetics Palace: Its construction started in 1745, and it took its present form between 1884 and 1887. The building consists of 101 rooms, and houses today a museum and a conference centre. Its most valuable room is the Helikon Library, built between 1799 and 1801, with original furniture and a stock of 86,000 books. Georgikon Manor Museum: in addition to the history of Hungarian agricultural higher education, it also features a wine-growing and coach exhibition with a cartwright’s and smith’s workshop. One of the most imposing pieces of the exhibition is a fully functional steam plough.

Doll Museum with folk costumes.
Waxwork: nearly 40 famous personalities in contemporary dresses.
Snail Parliament - a unique giant model.
Torture museum.
Radio and TV Museum.

Balaton Museum: Neo-Baroque building, with a permanent exhibition on the upper level explaining the formation, fauna and flora of Lake Balaton and presenting the historical attractions of its vicinity. The lower level houses a Roman and medieval lapidarium, as well as a memorial room for the famous artist János Halápy.
Marzipan Museum and Confectionery: located approx. 200 meters from the Festetics Palace, at 19 Katona József Street, where 100 marzipan works of the master confectioner can be seen.
Town Hall (Main Square): its foundations are from the 18th century, today it is Zopf style; it houses the Mayor’s Office.
Franciscan monastery and church (Main Square): the Franciscan monastery and church is a significant building complex on the square, which served as a border fortress in the Turkish times; its sanctuary accommodates the largest Gothic wall paintings in Hungary.

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