The settlement, with a population of 950, has its origins in medieval times (Chan, Csán). It is situated at the intersection of highway 76 and the north-south road in the Zala valley. Until the mid 1800s, the settlement was owned by the Csány family, except for the period of Turkish reign. It was the place of birth of government commissioner and Minister László Csány (1790-1849), a martyr of the war of independence in 1848-49.

The Tersánszky family acquired a property on the southern edge of the village in the early 19th century, where they built a special one-storey mansion (which later burnt down). The crypt of the Csány family is not far away from there. The Batthyány family had its castle built in the place of the Csány mansion in 1913, in Neo-Baroque style.

A few steps from the simple Baroque church, built in the 1700s, some tombs of the old cemetery were retained when the new highway 76 was constructed. The new cemetery was established on the hill side south of the village. Its modern funeral parlour also functions as a chapel, presenting a beautiful view to those arriving from the direction of Keszthely.

The one-time railway line is bordered by new, spacious houses and holiday homes. The recreational area on the side of the Csányi hill has been under continuous development since 1991. This was the year when the lake, today receiving hundreds of anglers and rowers, was filled.

Thanks to the intensive fish stocking activity, Lake Zalacsány is extremely popular among anglers, allowing them to catch record-sized fish. There is an informational forest path in the woods surrounding the lake. The “Leisure Park” is highly popular during the summer. Beyond the woods there is a horse farm and an equestrian club.

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