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Guests with dogs

Policy for dog owners

  • Dogs are welcomed on our 10 acres landscaped area
  • We are happy to please the dogs with kibbles
  • Dogs are welcomed to stay on the outside terrace of the restaurant
  • Drinking troughs are placed for the dogs
  • We give dog poop bag dispensers for dog owners
  • Please collect the dog poop after your own dog!
  • Please do not put your dog in the bath tub or in the shower cabin!
  • Please do not put your dog in the bed!
  • Please do not walk your dog in the restaurant!
  • Please do not take your dog to the wellness area or by the outside pool area!
  • The dog can be 20 metres away from the outside pool of the Mansion as long as it does not disturb our guests.

Please keep yourselves to the items of the policy!
Thank you for your co-operation and understanding!

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