Hotel Golf Golf Minigolf


By the park of the Conference Center can be found a 9 holes minigolf course which offers a great outing and leisure activity for the whole family. The practise on our driving range increases the excitement of learning new techniques.

Price: 2.500,- HUF/ 2 hours!
Registration at the reception of the Castle or at the Mansion.
Opening hours: 08:00-21:00

For further information please make an enquiry at the reception desk!

We wish an enjoyable stay and lots of memories!

The rules of minigolf

  • Minigolf is played with ball and putter on a minigolf course.
  • The aim is to get the ball from the teeing-off area to the defined target in as few strokes as possible.
  • We have got nine golf holes and a driving range.
  • After the game bring back the tools to the reception!
  • Every player takes responsinble for the tools (clubs and balls).
  • We take no responsibility for the players safety and the damage of the tools.

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